Detroit Christmas shoot.

Had a great shoot while in the D for the holidays.  Met 3 beautiful women:  Jacqibriana, the model @jacqibriana; Autumn, the model @__and; and Tay, the MUA @tayloredperfectly.  I also want to thank my sister for bringing the food and drinks, plus providing moral support.  Here are the best of the bunch.  As always…click on the photo for a more detailed look.  Had to double up on some of the images for difference in look from the computer to the mobile.autumn7autumn8.autumn6autumn7autumn8autumn9autumn10jac2jac1autumn1newDSCF9344DSCF9345autumn1 autumn6 autumn9 autumn8+ autumn8 autumn4 DSCF9451DSCF9352 DSCF9344 DSCF9345 DSCF9390 DSCF9423 DSCF9448 DSCF9449 DSCF9450 DSCF9452 juliana1 juliana2 DSCF9360 DSCF9536 autumn2 autumn2b&w autumn4 DSCF9539 DSCF9538 DSCF9547 DSCF9548 DSCF9568 DSCF9580 DSCF9582 DSCF9583 DSCF9627

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Misc. Photo shoots from November 2015

bff1 caberet1 caberet2 caberet3 DSCF6942 DSCF6943 DSCF7009 DSCF7010 jessica2 jessica5 jessica1 DSCF6975 lovely1 beauty1 beauty2 beauty3 beauty4 britney1 britney3 britney4 DSCF8193 britney2 brigette1 butterfly1 butterfly3 chyla2 chyla3 chyla4 chyla1 DSCF8237

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Body Paint Photoshoot 11-7-15

Tap on photo for a more detailed image.    desiree2 desiree3 desiree4 desiree5 destiny1 destiny2 destiny3 destiny4 destiny5 destiny6 destiny7 DSCF7065 DSCF7104 DSCF7125 DSCF7210 DSCF7214 DSCF7226 DSCF7228 DSCF7234 DSCF7238 DSCF7245 DSCF7318 DSCF7319 DSCF7334 DSCF7335 DSCF7336 DSCF7351 DSCF7367 DSCF7377 DSCF7378 DSCF7379 DSCF7380 DSCF7406 DSCF7410 DSCF7422 DSCF7447 DSCF7448 DSCF7449 DSCF7450 DSCF7491 DSCF7492 DSCF7493 geisha8 geisha7 geisha5 kaysha1 kaysha2 kaysha3 Kali1 kali2 kali3 kali4 kaysha4 kaysha5 kaysha6 kaysha7 kaysha8 kaysha9 kaysha10 destiny8 destiny9 DSCF7678 DSCF7718 DSCF7720 DSCF7721 DSCF7736 DSCF7737 DSCF7752 DSCF7765 DSCF7800 DSCF7848 DSCF7852

Wonderful day and night with several wonderful models.  One of the longest but also one of the best shoots I’ve ever done.  Models are @i.ez.d, @iam_kattie, @flawless_butterfly86, @_la_bonita_chica, _misshay2u, and @sherod94. Tap on photo for a more detailed image.

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Halloween photo shoot 2015

Here are some wonderful and some scary shots from Halloween.  Models are @amiejocherokee, @marauderxo, and The Nordic Goddess on Facebook.  As always, double click on photo for a more detailed view.

DSCF6388 DSCF6385 DSCF6384 DSCF6382 DSCF6375 DSCF6371 DSCF6364 DSCF6363 DSCF6362 DSCF6361 DSCF6349 DSCF6343 DSCF6331 DSCF6325 DSCF6321 DSCF6320 DSCF6319 DSCF6318 DSCF6310 DSCF6261 DSCF6257 DSCF6252 DSCF6195 ameijo2 amejo3 ameijo5 snow1 maurader2 DSCF6477 DSCF6464


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Atlanta headshots of the week.

Atlanta models are fantastic. Here are a few of first time model Yasmin’s best shots of the night.  She has eyes that just hypnotized me.  The last shot is of Bobbie, her beautiful mother.

yaz6 yaz5 yaz4 yaz7 yaz8 yaz1 yaz2 bobbie1

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Fire and rain photo shoot

This photo shoot was supposed to focus on fire and water, but most of the fire to me came from shooting Gabbie.  She is a true natural.  I have way too many good shots of her.  It was extremely difficult to narrow the ones down I wanted to edit and showcase.  This one is a star for sure. Here are the best of the best of the night. As always, double click on photo to expand.                                                                                                                                  gabbieface gabbpurple1 DSCF5521 DSCF5508 DSCF5497 DSCF5491 DSCF5490 DSCF5489 DSCF5479 DSCF5478 DSCF5477 DSCF5471 DSCF5470 DSCF5549 DSCF5550 DSCF5554 DSCF5568 DSCF5599 DSCF5601 DSCF5607 DSCF5614 DSCF5670 DSCF5683 DSCF5698 DSCF5739 DSCF5740 DSCF5789 gabbrain1 gabbrain2 jaderainDSCF5814

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Misc. best so far this year not yet posted.

It has been a great year of photos so far.  Even with a crazy full time day job, I have managed to find some great models and everyday beautiful people to take pictures of.  I also took a few good shots of Atlanta and Detroit.  Miami…you’re next.

glow glow2 glow3 headshot1 600_200596012

Kasia at The Goat Farm 2//16/2013

preg4 preg3 preg2 preg1 pinupnew new one rain wow


smooch sista mideastqueen indian woman4 indian woman3 indian woman2 indian woman1 hoodie2 hoodie1 georgiashirt front flawless1 flawless2 exoticeyes3 exoticeyes2 exoticeyes baby7 baby6 baby5 baby4 baby2 baby1 asian model purphairbetty 600_436288373 600_435766829 600_435708624 600_435707728 600_435613526 600_434478540 600_434299818 600_420126732 600_419665722 600_284682242

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Photoshoot and swimsuit competition

Here are some of the best photos I took at the first studio swimsuit competition.  I was able to be one of the shooters and also help judge.  It was an all around good experience.  One piece of advice to model/contestants. When you walk the runway, pause about 5-10 seconds longer for photos at the end of the runway.  I know the nerves are kicking in and you are just wanting to get backstage, but those extra posing seconds really does help us photographers.


DSCF4944 DSCF4947 DSCF5089 hotnpale hotnpale3 hotnpale4 jazz5 DSCF4824 DSCF4825 DSCF4866 DSCF4872 DSCF4878 DSCF4917 DSCF4956 DSCF4972 DSCF5095-001 DSCF5096-001 DSCF4899 DSCF4922 DSCF4940

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More great ones

I think I am posting like this from now on. The slide shows are just too small when looking on a phone. Click on photo to expand.

DSCF4134 2 DSCF4146 2 DSCF4189 2 DSCF4195 3 DSCF4186 2 DSCF4355 2 DSCF4300 3 DSCF4327 2 DSCF4336 2 DSCF4346 2 DSCF4351 3DSCF4388 2 DSCF4371 2

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Best ones.

DSCF4236 2 DSCF4395 2 DSCF4371 DSCF4324 3 DSCF4428 2 DSCF4273 2 DSCF4296 2

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