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Atlanta headshots of the week.

Atlanta models are fantastic. Here are a few of first time model Yasmin’s best shots of the night.  She has eyes that just hypnotized me.  The last shot is of Bobbie, her beautiful mother.

yaz6 yaz5 yaz4 yaz7 yaz8 yaz1 yaz2 bobbie1

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Fire and rain photo shoot

This photo shoot was supposed to focus on fire and water, but most of the fire to me came from shooting Gabbie.  She is a true natural.  I have way too many good shots of her.  It was extremely difficult to narrow the ones down I wanted to edit and showcase.  This one is a star for sure. Here are the best of the best of the night. As always, double click on photo to expand.                                                                                                                                  gabbieface gabbpurple1 DSCF5521 DSCF5508 DSCF5497 DSCF5491 DSCF5490 DSCF5489 DSCF5479 DSCF5478 DSCF5477 DSCF5471 DSCF5470 DSCF5549 DSCF5550 DSCF5554 DSCF5568 DSCF5599 DSCF5601 DSCF5607 DSCF5614 DSCF5670 DSCF5683 DSCF5698 DSCF5739 DSCF5740 DSCF5789 gabbrain1 gabbrain2 jaderainDSCF5814

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