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More great ones

I think I am posting like this from now on. The slide shows are just too small when looking on a phone. Click on photo to expand.

DSCF4134 2 DSCF4146 2 DSCF4189 2 DSCF4195 3 DSCF4186 2 DSCF4355 2 DSCF4300 3 DSCF4327 2 DSCF4336 2 DSCF4346 2 DSCF4351 3DSCF4388 2 DSCF4371 2

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Best ones.

DSCF4236 2 DSCF4395 2 DSCF4371 DSCF4324 3 DSCF4428 2 DSCF4273 2 DSCF4296 2

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This weeks photoshoot/party

Wednesday was Afif’s birthday, so he threw a photoshoot/party.  There were about 50+ photographers and 20+ models that showed up.  I was able to shoot with about 6 of them.  The main warehouse/studio is without air conditioning.  It was about 85 degrees when I showed up at 8:30 pm.  I couldn’t take it then, so I created a makeshift backdrop in the front office and lobby.  These room were air conditioned at about 70 degrees.  A few followed my lead afterwards.

The models that were shot with were all wonderful and I made a lot of good contacts.  Here is a slideshow of some of my favorite shots.

DSCF4134 2.jpgDSCF4146 2.jpgDSCF4167.JPGDSCF4186 2.jpgDSCF4189 2.jpgDSCF4190 3.jpgDSCF4195 2.jpgDSCF4195 3.jpgDSCF4206 2.jpgDSCF4211 2.jpgDSCF4221 2.jpgDSCF4222 2.jpgDSCF4236 2.jpgDSCF4273 2.jpgDSCF4296 2.jpgDSCF4300 2.jpgDSCF4324 3.jpgDSCF4327 2.jpgDSCF4336 2.jpgDSCF4340 2.jpgDSCF4346 2.jpgDSCF4351 2.jpgDSCF4351 3.jpgDSCF4355 2.jpgDSCF4371 2.jpgDSCF4378 2.jpgDSCF4388 2.jpgDSCF4392 2.jpgDSCF4395 2.jpgDSCF4399 2.jpgDSCF4416 2.jpgDSCF4428 2.jpgDSCF4430 2.jpg


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