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Slide show of May 2015 shoot.

People said that the other gallery did not show up on their phone.  I guess I have to put it in slide show format.

DSCF3487.JPGDSCF3489.JPGDSCF3490.JPGDSCF3491.JPGDSCF3492.JPGDSCF3770-001.JPGDSCF3770.JPGDSCF3772.JPGDSCF3792.JPGDSCF3798.JPGDSCF3805.JPGDSCF3807.JPGDSCF3821.JPGportrait.jpgqueen in throne room.jpgqueenonbike4.jpg

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Photoshoot a my new studio

DSCF3487.JPGDSCF3489.JPGDSCF3490.JPGDSCF3491.JPGDSCF3492.JPGDSCF3505.JPGDSCF3770-001.JPGDSCF3770.JPGDSCF3772.JPGDSCF3792.JPGDSCF3798.JPGDSCF3805.JPGDSCF3807.JPGDSCF3821.JPGportrait-c79.jpgqueen in throne room-c17.jpgqueenonbike4-c42.jpg
Photoshoot at the new Doraville studio.  Here are a few of the ones I liked the best.  I had to change a few backgrounds because the backdrops are not quite there at the studio.  However, some great new models made the night worthwhile.

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