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Photoshoot Ruth and Erin Tuesday 4-28-2015

Today I had another wonderful photoshoot.  I was able to get some great shots with everyone’s favorite Erin.  Also, I met a new star by the name of Ruth.

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Death of a mall. Death of a childhood.

The first indoor shopping mall in the United States is closing.  It is also the first mall I’ve ever known.  There are so many childhood experiences that took place here that I feel I am losing a dear friend.  I can remember a shy 13 year old kid getting dressed up, sneaking out the house, and walking a mile to the Lahser and 8 mile bus stop to take a public bus by myself for the first time.  Where did I take it to?  I took it about 5 miles down the road to Northland of course.  Northland was a place where I learned to talk to girls that didn’t go to my school.  It is where I went school shopping and where I spent many a half day of school. The restaurant that was upstairs in Hudson’s was the first “fancy” restaurant I dined at without my parents.

I guess it was only a matter of time.  I stopped shopping there many years ago, even before I moved out of state. The mall had become what many call a “ghetto mall”.  It was far from it’s glory days.  Shoppers that did still frequent the mall had to be wary of misguided youth and thieves. Most Westsiders over the years switched to larger, safer, and more prosperous malls like Twelve Oaks Mall, Oakland Mall, and the top luxury mall in the area; Sommerset Mall.

The death was slow.  First many of the surrounding stores and businesses closed around the mall over the past 15 years.  I can remember working out at Vic Tanny’s then Bally’s around the corner from Northland (now closed).  I can remember going to Blockbuster music across the street every Tuesday to listen to the new releases.  I would sit and listen to 6 or 7 CD’s and maybe only buy 1 or 2.  It was a great way to entertain myself and talk hip hip to other hip hop heads for a few hours. I can’t forget the Americana, later renamed Southfield city.  I must have seen a hundred movies at that theater, and went on several dates.  Also closed long ago was the Northland theater itself, where I also spent several hours.  I even worked for a summer at the Ponderosa across Northland Drive.

All of these places and more closed long ago, but I never thought the mall itself would close.  I had to visit the place one last time.  To tell the truth, it was a pretty good experience.  I feel bad for the city, the residents around the mall, and the business owners. But, I realized I’ve had my fun there.  That era is over and it is time to move on.

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